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Bus shelters with green roof in Bottrop

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Climate and environmental protection has always occupied a central position in Ströer's product portfolio. The growing demand for sustainable solutions is an incentive for Ströer to continuously develop its portfolio. In fact, outdoor advertising - especially DOOH - is one of the lowest-CO2 media in the media mix in relation to the contacts reached. Ströer also uses green electricity for all DOOH media in Germany with the greatest possible efficiency. All campaigns for advertising customers are played out in a climate-neutral manner. The company's goal is to be completely climate-neutral by 2025.

Ströer is currently installing 88 new bus shelters in the city of Bottrop, 50 of which will have green roofs. Ten to twelve different sedum plants will be planted on the roofs. The plants were selected to be perennial, site-appropriate, native and drought-resistant. They require little maintenance and, thanks to different blooming seasons, the roofs provide permanent food for bees and other insects.

For Klaus Müller, the technical councillor of the city of Bottrop, this is a contribution to environmental protection. "We have covered bus shelters with greenery in heavily sealed areas," he explained during the presentation at the Pferdemarkt. The green roofs are like "stepping stones for insects" spread throughout the city, he says.

The various sedum species also filter the air and improve the microclimate by retaining rainwater. Sedum binds pollutants so that carbon dioxide is absorbed and converted into malic acid. When exposed to sunlight, this is released and photosynthesized. The thick-fleshed foliage also serves as a water reservoir.

The state government also recognizes the project as an increase in climate resilience and is supporting it with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

"Urban media can fulfill numerous additional benefits, for example by providing greening opportunities. Already today, our digital urban media also enable smart citizen communication. At the same time, in terms of media reach, public media is by far the most energy-efficient and resource-saving medium, with the lowest carbon footprint in the entire media mix. The growing demand for sustainable solutions is an incentive for us to continuously develop our portfolio. We offer services for our customers and partners that make an additional ecological and social contribution," says Alexander Stotz, CEO Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH.



Source: www.bottrop.de

Photo: Theo Selders, Klaus Müller, Ute Buschmann from Ströer and Natascha Bettermann from the Real Estate Management Department © Stadt Bottrop