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Ströer supports a cultural and social project for children and young people in Munich

Since mid-September, a green roof has adorned the advertising pillars in Erlangen. Mayor Florian Janik, Economic Officer Konrad Beugel as well as Stefan Helbig (Managing Director Ströer Deutsche Städte Medien GmbH) and Freya Amann (Head of Municipal Affairs and Urban Development Bavaria, Ströer Deutsche Städte Medien GmbH) from Ströer witnessed at the corner of Nürnberger-/Sedanstraße when the last of a total of 44 advertising pillars got a plant cover put on.

C.O.N. SONANZA e.V. is a cultural and social project for children and young people. The non-profit association was founded in Munich in 2017 and follows the approach of the internationally renowned, Venezuelan music promotion program El Sistema. The association offers excellent and free musical education for children and young people with and without music skills. Through regular and joint learning and practicing in an orchestra or choir, the musical abilities of the participants are comprehensively promoted. Among the project initiators and teachers of C.O.N. SONANZA are founding members of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra as well as musicians and music educators from other orchestras of El Sistema as well as German orchestras and music academies. 

As part of the music promotion program, C.O.N. SONANZA is now opening a choir. After the gradual project implementation since March 2019 to teach mainly children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds free of charge incl. rental instrument in violin, viola, cello, double bass and French horn, the young orchestra is currently being expanded with the wind instruments trumpet, flute, saxophone and clarinet. Suitable teachers are being found with the kind support of the Munich University of Music and Performing Arts.  

To make as many Munich residents as possible aware of the association's offerings, Ströer is supporting the current advertising campaign in public spaces. 


Picture: Hannes Magerstädt