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UNICEF Germany and Ströer launch joint children's rights campaign for World Children's Day

Ströer and UNICEF are sending out a nationwide signal to strengthen children's rights. For World Children's Day on September 20, 2022, the strategic cooperation partners are launching a nationwide campaign under the slogan "Every child has rights. You too!" with posters and digital formats. The campaign centers on authentic statements by children between the ages of six and 12 in which they express wishes and demand their rights.

The campaign "Every child has rights. You too!" is aimed directly at children. Starting on September 17, videos and posters featuring children speaking on behalf of their peers can be seen for several weeks on Ströer infoscreens on streets, at train stations, in subways and shopping malls. They make personal statements from their living environment, such as "No one should hurt me, not even with words." "If I think something is unfair, I say so," or "No one is allowed to look into my diary."

The aim of the campaign is to inform children about their rights and encourage them to demand them from adults. After all, only those who know their rights can stand up for them in a targeted manner.

In the run-up to the campaign, UNICEF Germany asked schoolchildren which children's rights are most important to them. Protection from violence, the right to privacy, play and leisure, a good education, a clean environment, and the right to equal treatment were at the top of the list. From these surveys, the Quotes for the campaign were compiled in close consultation with the children and their families.

"With two years of pandemics, the climate crisis and the threat of recession, it is now particularly urgent to empower children and their rights. As part of the joint campaign with Ströer, we can reach many people - and especially children, but also teachers and politicians - raise their awareness of children's rights and motivate them to stand up for them," says Christian Schneider, Managing Director of UNICEF Germany.

Ströer helped develop the campaign on a pro bono basis and is providing the corresponding marketing space. For Ströer, working with UNICEF on national and international children's rights issues is part of its sustainability strategy.

"If we want to work together on a fairer and sustainable world, we should start with the children. That is why we are pleased to be working with UNICEF to set visible signs for children's rights in public. We are happy to use our media to raise awareness of these issues and provide information - even in emergency situations, for example when it comes to supporting UNICEF's emergency aid in Ukraine or Afghanistan. By playing out the current campaign on our digital media in train stations, on the street or in shopping malls, we can reach the target group that matters - the children - directly and with a wide reach, for example when they are on their way to school," says Alexander Stotz, CEO Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH.

Last year, UNICEF Germany and Ströer agreed on a strategic cooperation after already working together for several years. The aim is to inform the public as well as other partners and stakeholders about children's rights and motivate them to support UNICEF programs.


Picture: UNICEF