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"REDEZEIT" for families

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Almost exactly a year ago, the 2020 COVID 19 Barometer revealed that one in four Germans was worried about their own mental health due to the pandemic.

This concern was confirmed at the end of the year by a survey conducted for the German Federal Ministry of Labor: 70 percent of those surveyed felt emotionally burdened due to worries about relatives. 55 percent suffered from fears about the future. 

The fact that families in particular have long since passed the breaking point is well known and an important topic in the editorial department of the familie.de website, which belongs to Ströer Media Brands. "We parents have been regulating everything for everyone for months - and without compensation. Somehow you always get everything sorted out, but I hardly know any parents who have been left unscathed by the last few months (and I'm not just talking about the gray hairs I've gotten)," explains Micky Moses, editor-in-chief of familie.de. Thus the idea quickly arose to give all affected family members an anonymous opportunity to speak out properly for once and thereby improve mental health. Together with the initiative "REDEZEIT" their offer was specifically extended to families. Britta Boeck, editor at familie.de, emphasizes: "Anyone can call if they feel overwhelmed. We parents are all at the end of our strength and can need someone to talk to."

This is how REDEZEIT for family works

Anyone in need of someone to talk to can find an experienced coach or psychologist with a suitable specialization at www.redezeitfuerfamilie.de and send him or her an e-mail. Usually you''ll receive a response within the same day or even a direct conversation by phone or video call. All conversations are free of charge and strictly confidential and no commitments are made. The focus of the counselors here is on categories such as "Being mindful and coping with stress," "Overcoming fears, loneliness and doubts," "Finding clear thoughts, making decisions and bringing about change," "Help with alcohol abuse and violence," "Coping with crises and conflicts" and "Life support and quality of life."

familie.de contributes an article and an advertising spot on the home page, as well as attention via its own social media channels. Ströer is also drawing attention to its offer for families in public spaces: since the beginning of April, pro bono spots for REDEZEIT have been running on the company's own public video systems at train stations throughout Germany. The spot had been created by the in-house creative agency Ströer Media Creations, also pro bono.

"I am very pleased to be able to make my contribution to REDEZEIT for families with my article. Also in the private environment one clearly notices the large tension within families. A neutral partner to talk to can be worth a lot. So far, the reactions of our readers have been very positive," summarizes Britta.


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