B21F6BB4-1C5E-4341-9402-72115F03EA26 09. May 2022

First greened bus shelter for Bochum

Ströer (DSM Deutsche Städte Medien GmbH) and Stadtwerke Bamberg have jointly installed the first bus shelter with a green roof in Bavaria in Willy-Lessing-Strasse in Bamberg.

Ströer has joined forces with Bochum's public transport operator Bogestra to install the first greened bus shelter in the city. Built on Hans-Schalla-Platz, the new bus shelter features a seven-square-meter green roof surface consisting of sedum. The ten different sedum species have the effect of filtering the air and improving the microclimate by retaining rainwater. Sedum itself requires very little rainwater and nutrients. Unlike moss, no additional water supply is needed. Sedum binds pollutants so that carbon dioxide is absorbed and converted to malic acid. When exposed to sunlight, this is released and photosynthesized. The thick-fleshed foliage also serves as a water reservoir. Ströer is responsible for the construction and subsequent maintenance of the bus shelter and planting.  

"Ströer triggers local, sustainable change with smart communication and infrastructure solutions. The aim is to support cities in resilient, environmentally friendly urban development. Greening concepts are part of Ströer's sustainability strategy and municipal cooperation with Bogestra and the city of Bochum," says Alexander Stotz, CEO Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH.  

The green bus shelter at the Schauspielhaus will not be the only one in Bochum. Before the end of the year, the Brückstraße, Bodelschwinghplatz and Engelsburger Straße bus stops will be equipped with green shelters.   


Picture: Bogestra/Deutscher