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Digital billboards in Fürth now also warn of disasters

Since mid-September, a green roof has adorned the advertising pillars in Erlangen. Mayor Florian Janik, Economic Officer Konrad Beugel as well as Stefan Helbig (Managing Director Ströer Deutsche Städte Medien GmbH) and Freya Amann (Head of Municipal Affairs and Urban Development Bavaria, Ströer Deutsche Städte Medien GmbH) from Ströer witnessed at the corner of Nürnberger-/Sedanstraße when the last of a total of 44 advertising pillars got a plant cover put on.

Siren, warning app or loudspeaker announcements: In future, the city of Fürth will have another way to warn the population in an emergency. Hazard warnings can now also be displayed on Ströer's digital media in the city area by integrating them into the modular warning system. Six of the screens are located on well-frequented streets. In addition, five more screens in the main railway station are connected to the warning system.

Not long ago, sirens were dismantled, says Fürth's head of disaster control Christian Gußner at the presentation of the new system. As a result, residents could no longer be warned everywhere. "Now we have realised that this was hasty and that we need warning systems again." The city is currently looking at other locations for sirens. Ströer's offer fits well into the concept. In the highest warning level, the disaster protection information is transmitted directly from the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance to the LED screens. These are warnings of national significance, says Fürth's public order officer Mathias Kreitinger. In the case of regional events, the fire brigade, the integrated control center or the local crisis management team can initiate the warnings. "In this way, we can also draw the attention of the population to regionally limited hazardous situations and, for example, ask them to avoid certain hazardous areas," says Gußner.


Picture: City of Fürth