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TikTok and MBRC The Ocean launch #KickOutThePlastic on public video

TikTok, the platform for short mobile videos, and Ströer have teamed up with the organization MBRC The Ocean to raise awareness for the elimination of plastic waste using #KickOutThePlastic.

Ströer supports the campaign for this purpose and shows the spots in the context of its sustainability channel, which can already be seen on the screens of the public video network nationwide since spring of this year and offers a platform for various environmental topics and approaches.

Together with MBRC The Ocean, TikTok and Ströer are now also inviting people via Public Video to make a creative video of throwing a PET bottle into a trash can and share it on TikTok using #KickOutThePlastic. There is also an educational quiz in the TikTok app that discusses important facts about ocean pollution and the role of plastic.

"We are very pleased that Ströer is supporting us in bringing our message to the general public. By playing out the campaign on the public video screens, Ströer has enabled us to achieve a breakthrough in our public relations work - via digital outdoor advertising, it is possible to create a nationwide public impact for us in terms of attitude or purpose," says Sven Jacobi, one of the founders of MBRC The Ocean.

"With our outdoor advertising media, we reach many people in public spaces within a very short time. We therefore support MBRC The Ocean with what we are good at: Raising awareness. There is still too much plastic that doesn't end up in the waste systems and then ends up in rivers and oceans, for example. The campaign helps raise awareness for the elimination of plastic waste," says Alexander Stotz, CEO of Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH.

TikTok creators have already posted numerous videos on their accounts using #KickOutThePlastic, showing how easy it can be to eliminate trash together and keep the oceans plastic-free. 


About MBRC The Ocean  

After friends Sven Jacobi and Michiel Reinoud kept finding littered beaches on their travels, they decided to found MBRC in 2018. 

As a 100% non-profit organization, the MBRC Foundation organizes volunteer beach cleanups around the world, supports local communities to clean up their beaches (and earn a living doing it), partners with like-minded ambassadors to spread the mission, and offers courses to teach the next generation to take care of the oceans.