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Target Group Study Sustainability

Ströer provides information on everyday behavior, consumption and attitudes towards advertising & brands in the field of sustainability.


Reaching people: In a study, Ströer took a close look at different sustainability types, how sustainable target groups think, what motivators they bring with them to act sustainably, and how they view advertising.


Not all sustainability is the same. Would you agree with that statement?
Annina: Sustainability is an essential topic and extremely emotionally charged. But not everyone has the same motivation to act sustainably. Over the last few months, we have been intensively examining the thesis - not all sustainability is the same - and by means of a comprehensive data analysis from qualitative online group discussions and a quantitative online survey, we were able to identify seven different sustainability types, all of whom have different attitudes towards sustainability and the topic of sustainability and advertising. Not everyone who acts sustainably thinks alike and almost everyone interprets sustainability or sustainable action differently.

What are the motives for sustainability?
Annina: You want to preserve the state of the world, but at the same time you want to transform it. You want to rebel against the system, but also keep rules that give orientation. And one wants to save the world and, if necessary, restrict oneself to do so. Against this background, our current study has identified seven different sustainability types as target groups for brands: Missionaries, Aestheticians, Recyclers, Minimalists, Builders, Epicureans and Sustainability Buyers.

How do the different types relate to advertising?
Annina: Basically, all the defined sustainability types within the German population add up to a potential target group of around 33 million people. However, all types have different attitudes toward advertising. Our study shows the most important factors for successful, sustainable advertising and how the sustainability types are most likely to be reached with advertising. We have operationalized all types and made them available for individual media & brand evaluations in 'best for planning (b4p)' for our clients. For brand managers, 'best for planning' is a valuable source of data that often makes strategic planning possible in the first place.

How should you deal with the topic of sustainability in advertising?
Annina: Advertising on the topic of sustainability should be transparent, comprehensible, authentic, and modest. It must be clear that the brand really stands behind it and actively acts sustainably in other areas.
In addition, the research shows us that people with an interest in sustainability want to be involved and, above all, understand how they can contribute to the topic themselves.

Which touchpoints are suitable for efficiently addressing the different types of sustainability?
Annina: For five out of seven sustainability types, outdoor advertising is one of the top touchpoints for advertising that is linked to sustainability. For missionaries, it is even the top touchpoint for advertising related to sustainability. That is, they would most likely want OOH advertising on the topic.
For builders, sustainability buyers, recyclers and epicureans, OOH advertising also falls among the top touchpoints for advertising linked to sustainability.
Digital channels are also highly relevant for all sustainability types. Sustainability buyers make use of special websites on the topic of sustainability, while builders prefer digital newspapers/magazines.


Study outline

Survey method: online group discussions
Target groups: Heavy users (People for whom sustainability plays a central role); Light users (Everyone deals with the topic of sustainability from time to time)
Sample: 4 online group discussions with 6 participants each
Survey locations: Hamburg and surroundings, Cologne and surroundings
Survey period: CW 20 2021

Survey method: Quantitative online survey
Target group:16+, with interest in the topic of sustainability
Sample: N=2058; representative quota according to age, gender, HHNE and region 
Survey period: September 2021 (CW35-CW37)

About Annina Bleek

After many years in agencies, Annina joined Ströer as SVP in 2019, where she heads the Solutions Studio division. Together with her team, Annina focuses on developing cross-media product solutions and customized concepts.

For several years now, her team has been increasingly focusing on the topic of sustainability. This includes, on the one hand, the development of opportunities for advertisers to communicate in the environment of sustainability-related content. And on the other hand, the optimization of Ströer's advertising media about sustainability - including through climate neutrality of the advertising media via investments in climate protection projects.

Since 2020, Annina has also headed the cross-divisional Sustainability Council of Ströer Media Solutions. The aim is to further promote the company's sustainability and to support all market partners in advertising more sustainably with Ströer.

More insights on sustainability types?

Contact the colleagues for further results of the study and an individual evaluation for your brand: solutions(at)stroeer.de