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Ströer supports "Wir helfen gemeinsam"

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Ströer supports the "Wir helfen gemeinsam" (We help together) initiative with a high-reach campaign in public spaces. "Wir helfen gemeinsam" is an aid group for the earthquake victims in Turkey.

Harnessing synergies and working together to provide unbureaucratic help to people in the affected earthquake areas: That is the goal of the relief community of leading transport and logistics partners SunExpress, DPD, FIEGE, time:matters, CB Customs Broker GmbH and Lufthansa Cargo. SunExpress, the joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, had brought the companies together to maintain an air bridge from Germany to the crisis region. More than 1,000 tons of relief supplies are to be transported to the crisis region as part of the "We help together" initiative.

DPD parcel stores accept aid packages

People are very willing to help those affected in the earthquake regions. With this joint initiative, the companies involved also want to give private donors the opportunity to help quickly and easily. For example, aid parcels containing urgently needed relief supplies can be handed in at the 7,700 DPD Parcelshops. The initiative works closely with the aid organization AFAD in Turkey, which provides information on which relief supplies are urgently needed at any given time.

Ströer supports with high-reach public video campaign

Ströer has produced a spot for "Wir helfen gemeinsam" (We help together), which will be broadcast on digital media in public spaces across Germany. Within the first five days, more than 3.4 million people across Germany have already been reached and made aware of "Wir helfen gemeinsam".

By leveraging synergies and the expertise of the individual participants, the enormous private willingness of the population to help during the airlift is reliably channeled. Ströer continuously raises awareness of "Wir helfen gemeinsam" among the general public. The private donations received in the DPD stores are distributed via the logistics centers of the FIEGE Group, coordinated by the logistics service provider time:matters, cleared through customs by the customs service provider CB Customs Broker and flown to Antalya several times a week by air freight from SunExpress and Lufthansa Cargo. In Antalya, the relief goods are transported to the earthquake areas with the help of the local disaster control authority AFAD and the logistics partners DSV and Celebi.

All information about the initiative, supporters and needed relief supplies can be found on the website www.wir-helfen-gemeinsam.de.