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Ströer supports Triennale of Photography in Hamburg

This year's Triennale of Photography will take place in Hamburg from May to September 2022. 77 international artists will show their work - in twelve exhibitions at ten locations. Ströer is a partner of the Triennale and supports the event. To draw the attention of as many visitors as possible to the exhibitions, the organisers are relying on Ströer's digital city information systems and are drawing attention to the art event in several campaign flights. In addition, some of Ströer's city information systems became part of the exhibition themselves in May: at Jungfernstieg, the screens were transformed into a "Public Gallery" for four days. All day long, they showed twelve selected works from the individual exhibition houses with short teaser spots, interspersed with slogans such as "Moin Hamburg! Welcome to our open city gallery. Here you are right in the middle of it." As a person, artistic director Koyo Kouoh is downright overwhelmed by the flood of images that reaches us day after day. If you look at the past 30 years, according to statistics, humanity has produced more images in that period than in all of human history. This is frightening and of course goes hand in hand with technological development. Koyo Kouoh therefore wanted to reflect on what this means, what images do: in our society, our psyche, in the way we see, perceive, look at others and also project ourselves into the world. 

The exhibition has brought art and culture directly into the public space, making it accessible and immediately tangible for visitors. "The promotion of art and culture is more important than ever to accompany social developments and transformation processes, to inspire people in their everyday lives and to promote open dialogue. This year, the Triennale der Photographie focuses on "Currency", a theme that is central to us - the powerful effect of images. The digital city information network developed with the City of Hamburg makes it possible locally to initiate diverse communication with citizens and to open up publicly accessible resonance spaces, especially for art. This interplay sets important impulses for interaction in urban space," says Alexander Stotz, CEO Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH. 


Further information: https://phototriennale.de/de/