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Ströer supports Hamburg campaign promoting friendlier interaction between road users

More and more people are riding their bicycles. Cycling in Hamburg increased by 33 percent in 2020.

The general mobility of people, especially in large cities, also continues to increase aside from the current Corona situation. Unfortunately, as traffic volumes increase, the potential for conflict between bicycle, pedestrian and car traffic sometimes increases as well. With the "Smiling Intersection" campaign, the bicycle campaign " Ride a More Beautiful Hamburg" is drawing attention to the issue and actively campaigning for fewer conflicts and friendlier interaction between all road users.

On May 2, World Smile Day, the bike campaign transformed the intersection of Hallerstrasse/Beim Schlump/Grindelallee into a place of smiles. With the message "For more smiles on the way from A to B", the bike campaign gives an impulse at a highly frequented place in Hamburg, where all types of traffic meet. After all, a smile is the start of positive interaction between cyclists, pedestrians, public transport participants and car drivers. Smiling also creates a positive attitude and lowers stress levels - even in traffic. 

Until May 6, Hamburg residents are being encouraged to smile with attention-grabbing ads and smiling emoticons on advertising pillars, power boxes, digital billboards and velotaxis around the intersection. The Hamburg Transport Authority (HVV) is also supporting the campaign with two branded buses on the road around the city. In addition, OOH billboards on Ströer's advertising spaces across Hamburg ensure that the message "For more smiles on the way from A to B" is spread.


Image: © Fahr ein schöneres Hamburg