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Ströer kicks off campaign for GREENTECH FESTIVAL

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Festival for green technologies and sustainable lifestyle from June 14 to 16, 2023 in Berlin.

From June 14th to 16th, 2023, the GREENTECH FESTIVAL will take place on the grounds of the former Tegel Airport in Berlin. Under the motto #celebratechange, the initiators of the festival, including Formula 1 World Champion and sustainability entrepreneur Nico Rosberg, want to discuss and promote solutions that will help overcome the climate crisis. The festival consists of various elements: The GREEN AWARDS on June 14 will be followed by the CONFERENCE and EXHIBITION on June 15 and 16. Around 15,000 visitors are expected at the festival.

As in previous years, Ströer supports the GREENTECH FESTIVAL once again as a premium partner and is present on site as an exhibitor with sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Ströer communicates the festival's messages with a high-reach digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign via its own digital media carriers. Outdoor advertising - especially DOOH - is one of the lowest-CO2 media in the media mix in relation to the contacts reached. With the greatest possible efficiency, Ströer also uses green electricity for all DOOH media in Germany. This means that only 5 to 7 grams of CO₂ are emitted for 1,000 DOOH contacts.

The DOOH campaign for the GREENTECH FESTIVAL was launched in early May, promoting ticket sales in the first phase. Phase two of the attention-grabbing campaign activates visitors with interesting food for thought on the topic of sustainability. The third and final phase features well-known testimonials who position themselves on the topic of sustainability. Accordingly, the GREENTECH FESTIVAL makes ideal use of the possibilities offered by digital outdoor advertising.

The GREENTECH FESTIVAL not only wants to inspire as many people as possible with green technologies and ideas for sustainable living, but also to encourage them to take action themselves.

The Green Award honors the most innovative projects and ideas. At the festival's conference, progressive approaches to solutions will be presented and discussed. In the exhibition area of the Greentech Festival, environmentally friendly technologies, services and products are presented to an audience interested in environmental protection.

Ströer's booth, for example, will showcase sustainable infrastructure solutions and urban content. For example, there is a bus shelter with active air filtration. The roof of the bus shelter is also covered with greenery. At the booth, visitors can find out about greening concepts for street furniture and outdoor advertising, the digital possibilities of urban communication, and also about individual solutions.


You can find out more about the GREENTECH FESTIVAL here.