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Ströer displays "Time for Climate Action" campaign on public video

For this year's Earth Day, more than 200 tech companies have launched a joint campaign: Time for Climate Action.

Ströer displays the campaign via its own public video network to generate awareness. At train stations and subway stations, passers-by are encouraged to contribute to climate protection. 

Initiated and organized in honor of Earth Day, April 19-25, the campaign is run by the nonprofit organization Leaders for Climate Action. The campaign emphasizes what a big difference simple, concrete actions - such as reducing one's personal carbon footprint - can make to climate protection, while also reinforcing the role that individuals play in doing so. 

The accompanying campaign website provides information on how visitors can take simple concrete actions to protect the climate in under 10 minutes. These include: Switching electricity providers to green energy; Opening an account at a green bank; Implementing climate action at work; Planting trees in online searches; Demanding a change in policy; Measuring and reducing personal footprints; and more. All actions are presented in an informative and easily shareable format.


About Leaders for Climate Action:

LFCA is a global community of over 1200 digital founders united by a common desire to address the climate crisis with concrete action and demand more effective legislation from policymakers. Their vision is a globally climate-neutral digital industry that will serve as a model for other industries.


Further information on the campaign page: https://tfca.earth/en_de