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Sustainability Strategy 2030: Efficiency, innovation and responsibility


Sustainability Report 2021


Ströer’s 2021 sustainability report gives the first comprehensive and detailed account of the company’s corporate carbon footprint for 2019, 2020, and 2021. Last year, the Group was able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 33%, most notably through an extensive switch to green electricity in various areas of business. There has been a special focus on making the out-of-home advertising portfolio more environmentally friendly by digitalizing the advertising media. Consumption of materials (paper and adhesive) has been continuously and significantly reduced compared with traditional advertising, as has the travel involved in maintenance and in changing the posters, and disposal of the waste. The energy required by approximately 6,100 digital screens is provided entirely in the form of emission-free green electricity. Where advertising campaigns run by Ströer produce unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions, they are offset through certified climate change mitigation projects. This means customers can rest assured that their campaigns will be carbon-neutral.

This report is the first to feature detailed information about the areas of sustainable products and product stewardship, and to show how the product portfolio continues to evolve towards sustainability.

The importance Ströer places on sustainability is reflected in the fact that corporate governance is an integral part of the company’s ESG strategy. For example, the Board of Management’s remuneration system is being updated with specific ESG-related elements, and a Remuneration Committee has been set up. In June 2022, Ströer also placed its first ever note loan with an ESG component, creating a connection between profitable growth under its OOH+ strategy and sustainable and responsible business practices.






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