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#MeetFrida launches urban outdoor gallery: Art platform shows art in public space on Art Walks in four cities

Art interventions in public spaces have been part of the concept of the #MeetFrida art platform from the very beginning.

During the current campaign from April 6th to 15th, 2021, twelve pieces of art by selected #MeetFrida artists will be shown on 18/1 posters in Berlin, Leipzig and Frankfurt according to the motto "art instead of advertising". The art exhibition can be experienced via Art Walks, which in addition to the posters also include street art and pop-up galleries of the participating artists in the respective cities. The campaign creates outdoor galleries for a limited time in the three metropolises and makes art accessible to the public even during the lockdown. Using a digital map on www.meetfrida.art, those interested are guided from location to location while receiving comprehensive information about the artists and their works.

Cooperation with outdoor advertiser Ströer

With the outdoor gallery, the art platform #MeetFrida wants to strengthen the regional connection to artists and art lovers. Further installations in public spaces are planned for 2021 to show how city centers can be revitalized through art. The art billboards were made possible through a cooperation with the outdoor advertising company Ströer, which provides the billboards.

"Art is an existential part of our lives and we want to ensure that it remains visible even in times of pandemic and lockdown. That's why it's so important to us to keep bringing art into public spaces - in the most diverse ways and as low-threshold as possible," says Dr. Anna Schwan, initiator and founder of #MeetFrida. "Our Art Walks want to make art tangible and set an example for the power of collaboration and creativity.

"Through our outdoor advertising media, we are able to generate a high reach as well as the greatest possible public awareness. That's why we support #MeetFrida and the innovative concept with what we are good at: Generating attention to draw as many people as possible to the Art Walks and bringing art into public spaces," says Alexander Stotz, CEO Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH.