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A total of 16 of the existing Ströer digital screens could already be digitised in Pforzheim and thus used for warning messages within a few minutes.

Campaign #KeineVonVielen raises awareness on International Women's Day

12 Cologne women, 12 facts: The Cologne Business Network for Women "Macherinnen" and the Cologne outdoor advertising specialist Ströer are drawing attention to exceptional women with a joint campaign for International Women's Day. 

The Cologne Business Network for Women "Macherinnen" creates visibility for women from Cologne working in various industries on International Women's Day on March 8th. Their message: We are NOT ONE OF MANY. All women from the network of founder Dr. Marie-Christine Frank present a fact about an industry in which women are underrepresented. The ambassadors can be seen in Cologne on digital screens of out-of-home specialist Ströer from March 8th.  

The campaign #KeineVonVielen points out the persistent grievance that women are underrepresented in many areas of professional life. From science to medicine, politics, media, entrepreneurship, sports, or space travel to top gastronomy – there are fewer women than men in top positions everywhere. The ambassadors of the Cologne network "Macherinnen" want to encourage other women and young girls to believe in their potential and motivate them to support each other on their career path. This is what the network stands for, which was founded shortly before the pandemic in November 2019 and now includes 200 women from Cologne.  

"#KeineVonVielen gives a face to successful women from Cologne and shows how different female success can look. In Germany, unfortunately, the higher the position, the fewer women are represented. We are therefore still far from equal participation of women in all areas of society," Marie Frank explains her motivation behind the campaign and the network.   

Alexander Stotz, CEO Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH: "#KeineVonVielen is a campaign that we are happy to support. Diverse teams have been proven to perform better. At Ströer, we recognized this early on and are therefore committed to promoting the careers of women in a variety of ways." 

Dr. Marie-Christine Frank, gender scientist and founder of the communication agency Drei Brueder, also wants to use the campaign to encourage young girls to pursue their dreams. The "Macherinnen" network is planning another project at schools for this purpose this year. Interested schools in Cologne are invited to contact this e-mail address: [email protected]. The ambassadors of the network want to give girls an understanding of their professions and fields of activity and get them excited about career paths outside of common thought patterns.  

The campaign was developed together with the Berlin agency Sunny Sundays, the magazine STRAIGHT and the Cologne agency Drei Brueder Kommunikation und Beratung. The campaign motifs were photographed by Cologne photographer Dirk Loerper. 


Picture: Ströer / Macherinnnen_CGN