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DOOH pushes Wahl-O-Mat

"Already played Wahl-O-Mat?" - Under this motto, the staff unit of the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb ran a major PR campaign four weeks before the European elections with the direct aim of increasing the use of the best-known election information tool "Wahl-O-Mat". Citizens were to be made aware of the Wahl-O-Mat at three levels of public relations work (events, digital and analogue venues) and thus prepare themselves in the best possible way for the 2024 elections to the European Parliament. This was also intended to directly increase voter turnout.

In the analog space, the 10-second DOOH clip on the Wahl-O-Mat was played more than 5 million times in 284 train stations in 126 cities with the support of Ströer, among others. With an estimated 50 million views, the bpb was able to reach numerous target groups directly in their everyday lives. In addition to the people that the bpb was able to reach in other analog (such as McDonalds, soccer stadiums, etc.) and digital spaces (bpb website and social media channels, partners and influencers) and at events, the presence at train stations accounted for a large proportion of the fact that the Wahl-O-Mat was used 4.9 million times more than in the 2019 European elections. Overall, the Wahl-O-Mat set a new record for the European elections with around 14.9 million uses. The indirect goal of increasing voter turnout was also achieved.

Quelle: bpb / Video: Montage