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Diversity@Ströer | Talk sessions on German Diversity Day

Our society is colorful and diverse. So is our working world.

The German Diversity Day, which took place on May 18, 2021, drew attention to this. Ströer took the day as an opportunity to talk to employees about Diversity@Ströer in three digital talk sessions.


Diversity Talk 1 | "Which stereotypes about you person have you encountered?"

We live in an increasingly heterogeneous society - whether in terms of heritage, life plans or worldview. Diversity is about both the perception of similarities and differences and the acceptance of the other person. On the surface, we advocate diversity in our society, but when someone is different from you and you can't directly understand it, you quickly pigeonhole that person. This session was about experiencing different perspectives in order to broaden one's own point of view.


Diversity Talk 2 | "With each other, for each other, from each other".

Today, seeing and using diversity as an opportunity has not only become a necessity, but also an important competitive advantage. But how can personnel diversity be recognized and promoted and what opportunities does Ströer offer to bring together employees with different life phases and biographies? This session focused on initiatives to promote and challenge diversity within the company.


Diversity Talk 3 | "And now? How and where can I get involved?"

Diversity means "using social diversity constructively." But how can this be realized for the topic of "sustainability"? Ströer provides the framework so that each individual can contribute his or her ideas and skills to everyday business. This one, for example, was about the "Sustainability Council", in which colleagues deal intensively with the complex of topics and regularly share their findings with their teams. And the "Sustainability Workshop" mentioned in the Sustainability Report is also taking shape in the form of an idea management platform so that all employees can share and further develop their ideas.