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Largest open-air digital art gallery of the Benelux

With the impactful art exhibition of Marcel van Luit, globally renowned for his visualized dreamy scenarios, blowUP media Benelux make exclusive art accessible to the people on the streets. This collaboration between Marcel van Luit and blowUP media will can seen on more than 55 screens in 10 cities including Amsterdam, Antwerp, Utrecht, Brussels, Rotterdam and Knokke. All the most prominent digital landmarks of blowUP media’s DOOH networks “The Collective” and “Frontline” showcase the immersive content of this contemporary artist from the Netherlands.

Ernst Vos, CCO blowUP media Group/MD Benelux:  “With blowUP ART we redefine the functionalities of our architectural media sites. Moving new media technology into ART & Design and simply have a positive impact on people and the public domain. We are very excited about this exclusive partnership with Marcel van Luit in the Netherlands and Belgium“.

Katrin Robertson, CEO blowUP media Group: “Due to its visibility, our medium plays a major role in the urban environment. It offers artists like Marcel van Luit an additional platform to make art freely accessible to as many people as possible. We are therefore very pleased to be able to support such valuable projects.”

“My purpose with my art is to touch as many people as possible with my work. This collaboration with blowUP media allows everyone to enjoy and access my art through somewhat of an open-air exhibition. The quality and innovative screens of blowUP media seamlessly fit with my vision. As we live in such a busy world, with many things rushing  passed us, I hope my art can bring some peace and inspiration,” says Marcel van Luit.


More: https://www.blowup-media.nl/blowup-media/blowup-art/