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Bike campain #BLEIBINBEWEGUNG launches in Hamburg

The term "bicycle boom" regularly made it into the headlines during the pandemic. Now, the German Bicycle Association (BVZF) encourages people to switch to bicycles in the long term using video clips and outdoor posters.

#BleibinBewegung appeals both to the pleasant physical feeling of cycling and to being part of a movement.

"Those who cycle set an example for self-sufficient mobility, for climate-friendly traffic, for health, for sustainable infrastructure and livable cities. #BleibinBewegung alludes to this collective activism," explains Dorothee Heine, vice chair of BVZF. "The pandemic has inspired many to rethink their mobility behavior. Our campaign aims to encourage them to stay in the saddle."

The agency erste liebe and photographer Florian Grill, who support the campaign as dedicated cyclists, are behind the images and creative concept.

The kick-off of #BleibinBewegung is the "Transport Movement": a heavily packed cargo bike with trailer moves lightly and smoothly through the image. The films "Quality Movement" and "Style Movement" complement the campaign launch and underline the bicycle's ability to move as a means of transport, an economic force as well as a lifestyle.

For the launch of the campaign, BVZF was able to win over the Authority for Transport and Mobility Change of the City of Hamburg. The authority (BVM), which was only established in 2020, stands for a sustainable and bicycle-friendly transport policy. Senator Anjes Tjarks welcomes the launch of #BleibinBewegung in Hamburg. Since 2019, the campaign "Fahr ein schöneres Hamburg" has been active at the same time. The two campaigns are intended to complement each other with the common goal of strengthening cycling and their different approaches.

Ströer is also on hand to support BVZF as a further partner. "Through our media, we are able to generate a high reach as well as the greatest possible public awareness. That is why we support #BleibinBewegung with what we are good at: Generating attention to make as many people as possible in Hamburg aware of sustainable transport policies and climate-friendly infrastructure in the city," says Alexander Stotz, CEO Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH.


Source/Picture: Florian Grill