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Art in public spaces: Ströer supports photo exhibition on the issue of plastic packaging

Cologne-based photo artist Pia Hertel doesn't let closed galleries stop her from exhibiting her work. Without further ado, she joined forces with outdoor advertiser Ströer to turn Cologne Central Station into a public gallery.

25 Ströer billboards in the main station were turned into giant picture frames for the photo exhibition, and the entire area along the overground tracks of the main station thus became a public exhibition space. The exhibited photo series titled 'ABSURDITY PLASTIC' addressed the plastic problem of our society and raised awareness for this important issue. 

In her works, the artist repeatedly addresses social issues and political grievances. With the XXL exhibition, she not only wanted to send a signal for environmental protection, but also to promote art in public space. She supports barrier-free and free access to socially relevant art and making non-profit content heard in public spaces. 

People interested in Pia Hertel's photo art will be able to enjoy her work in public spaces again as early as by the end of this year: just a few weeks ago, Pia Hertel won the Cologne photo competition KUNST AN KÖLNER LITFASSSÄULEN, so that her pictures will be on display in public spaces once again. 


About Pia Hertel

Cologne-born Pia Hertel (*1987) studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund and has been working as a freelance photo designer since 2014. 

As a specialist in still-life photography, she skillfully sets the scene for any object, no matter how insignificant. She creates living images from inanimate products and tells stories without words. She translates complex issues into vivid visualizations and draws attention to topics that deserve it.

The Cologne-based photographer is on a first-name basis with light and already imparted her knowledge of photography during her photography studies as a tutor at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and later in the form of workshops on behalf of Canon.

Pia Hertel won several renowned, international photography competitions and exhibited her work at the Photokina in Cologne, among others. 


Visit the exhibition website: www.xxl-ausstellung.de


Image: Pia Hertel