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Ströer Creative Analyzer: How Generative AI Revolutionizes Your Out-of-Home Advertising

Our AI-based image analysis analyzes, evaluates, and optimizes out-of-home (OOH) creatives in seconds.

OOH advertising, such as posters, billboards, and digital displays, reaches millions of people daily. The formula for success: clear messages, concise design, and emotional appeal. However, many OOH visuals fail to meet these basics. The design determines the success of a campaign.

Traditionally, analyzing and optimizing advertising visuals was time-consuming and costly. This is where our generative AI steps in and changes the game.

How the Creative Analyzer Works

The Creative Analyzer offers a simple and effective solution. Upload your visual to our platform and receive detailed analyses and specific improvement suggestions in seconds. Our evaluation is based on the "10 Golden Rules for Poster Design."

The Creative Analyzer examines, among other things:

  • Colors and contrasts
  • Readability and text length
  • Arrangement of elements
  • Brand visibility

Future Availability

The Creative Analyzer allows us to respond to your needs faster and more precisely and to optimize your OOH campaigns. In this way, we help OOH advertising reach its full potential.

We are pleased to announce that the Creative Analyzer will soon be exclusively available for Ströer employees. You will receive the results through your Ströer contact person. More information will follow – stay tuned!

We look forward to exciting results and your feedback!


Would you like to know more? Exchange ideas with us? Please write to us at: Strategie(at)stroeer.de



Picture from Andrew Neel at Unsplash